Cookie's Bustle?
Cookie's Bustle: Mysterious Bombo World is a 1999 Japanese point-and-click Adventure Game created by Keisuke Harigai and published by Rodik.

You play as Cookie Blair, a five-year-old who thinks she is a teddy bear. She has travelled to Dero City (run by.. aliens?) to take part in an international sports competition, in an attempt to win a gold medal!

Here you can find information about the 1999 game Cookie's Bustle (クッキーズ・バッスル ~謎のボンボワールド~)!

Last Updated: 10.02.2023

In the 19th century, a UFO crash-landed in the tiny South Pacific country of Bombo World. In exchange for advanced technology, Bombo World traded the northern part of the island to the aliens, where they established their city of Dero City. A hundred years later, Dero City has become famous for its annual sports tournament. A five-year-old girl named Cookie Blair travels alone in the hopes of competing, but will she be pulled into something larger?
Cookie's Bustle is an adventure game in which the player guides Cookie throughout Dero City to guide her towards her goal of competing in the sports competition. The control scheme is very simple; Cookie moves on her own to follow the cursor wherever it's pointed on screen, and most actions can be taken by positioning her without clicking on anything. Once she actually enters the tournament, there are minigames for each of the sports.

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Developed by: Rodik, Inc
Rodik was founded in 1994 as a software and multimedia production house, working both on their own projects and for other companies. Between 1994 and 1997 it developed and published two multimedia CD-ROM divination programs, To-Gen-Kiko and Kanetaka Shin-ichiro Seimeigaku-Jiten. It then spent the next two years developing its first and only game, the CD-ROM adventure game Cookie's Bustle. Following its release in 1999, Rodik transitioned into an R&D role; by 2001, its website indicated that it was now a purely R&D focused company and was no longer developing consumer-focused products. Rodik closed its doors sometime between 2003 and 2005.
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